About us



We manufacture latex and latex-free disposable protection covers for ultrasound scanners and other medical devices to avoid cross-contamination in hospitals and clinics, worldwide.

All our products are seamless, flexible and always have an anatomically correct fit.

Our covers are without welded ends, sides or other weak areas because we manufacture in one piece, which is crucial to avoid cross-contamination.

Both our latex and latex-free products are manufactured in soft materials for comfortable skin-feel.

Our latex-free polyurethane products are as flexible as those made of latex. The flexibility of on ultrasound probe cover is crucial to reduce the risk of erupting or damaging the cover during mounting on a device.

We have learnt through our many years of experience that the better a covers fits on a device, the better result you will achieve from an examination or procedure. Therefore, we have optimized our process to manufacture covers tailored for individual devices and applications. Our product enables a premium ultrasound probe image, which is of paramount importance for the clinicians to make the right decisions.

Both our latex and latex-free products have well-known qualities however, our latex-free products have some unique characteristics. They are anti-allergenic, UV-resistant and result in higher ultrasound image scan quality.

We develop, and manufacture covers to specific measurements, shapes and sizes, and we work closely with our customers from the idea stage through development and to manufacturing of the final product.

All our products are manufactured in Denmark in compliance with ISO-13485.