Our materials are suitable for application across multiple industries. Scandinavian Medical Cover’s latex-free polyurethane material has many characteristics such as the same high flexibility that latex/rubber is known for however, with even more versatile application due to its UV resistance.

As an example, we are able to manufacture covers for electronic parts that require effective protection from wind and weather in order to function properly over a long period of time. Our material withstands large temperature variations and is weather resistant, and therefore suitable for application on humans, animals and equipment.

Our latex and latex-free products have been tested and approved for use in the medical device industry and are therefor also suitable for veterinary applications.

Scandinavian Medical Cover’s technicians have throughout many years developed special manufacturing processes enabling all our products to have an anatomically perfect fit for the device or subject it is intended for.

Our research and development department posses a unique ability to understand and solve challenges within coating techniques, sound reduction, sealing, surface treatment, friction coating, protective caps and covers. We do our utmost to find highly targeted solutions through an effective process.